Raven Runes – A Wizard’s Way of Runes

Runes from the Path of Transfiguration

I followed the old man off and away from the fires. His way was cold and dark, but I kept at his heals. Even when he became Other, I was there, hunting and stalking my prey, his vision. I found the tree, from which he hung as he stared down into infinity, accepting the endless gauntlet of self reflection. I saw the spear and the blood stain too, which had come from the wounds he cast upon himself. What had he seen down in the well below? What was it that the sacrament of self offering brings?

In the cave, I arrived too late to meet him. I found him writhing on the floor, feather, bone, talon and beak bursting forth from his cast off humanity. Two ravens then flew at me from his corpse, like twin phoenix, rising from a pyre of mortality. One white, one black, they beheld of the infinite and bid me to follow.

And so I was to find myself at the tree again. Lightning flashed, and while once I was terrified of such light I now used it to see. I was bleeding and hanging, bound by my feet to branches that held my weight, yet still reached for the dawn. I gazed down, and lost the world.

Shadows & Reflections

The following Runic interpretations are provided along with some simple attributions as touch stones in other symbolic systems. The intention is that they be navigation points between states rather than attempts to solidify any specific view.

This rune lore has an admittedly wizard-ish intent behind it. It is not for those who are satisfied with traditional views. With that in mind, play with Fire, or any elements, as you see fit.